4 thoughts on “Record Article in the Papers Today

    1. Ted Post author

      Hey Mike,

      I’m glad you wrote a letter – all the best solutions come from passionate debate. That said, I wish your letter had tried to concisely summarize why my arguments we’re wrong, rather than simply say we’ve already made plans and you’re too late.

      1. Mike Boos

        The editor chooses the title, which is unfortunate, because it gave my letter a somewhat different emphasis than what I was trying to make.

        My point was that we have very good reasons to build it (which given the space I had to work with, I had to express succinctly), and we’ve gone through a very rigorous process as a community to ensure that both the facts and the public supported the decision. The fact that you didn’t choose to participate in that process before should not invalidate the decision that it led to.

        But by asking to put the brakes on the project, you’re requesting that this decision, and in turn the process that led to it, be invalidated, and all this for reasons that simply aren’t new.

        1. Ted Post author

          Ah yes, he did that to me too! Not appreciated 🙂

          Of course the fact that I didn’t participate does not invalidate the decision, that would just be crazy. It was after 18 hours (and many more since) of looking at the analysis that I was sure that there were flaws. This has been further confirmed by the many people I have since talked to about the LRT, where all eventually agree that no, nobody will take the LRT on day one (only people that ride the bus today), but that someday, SOMEDAY, driving will become so slow and parking so expensive that they will.

          This wasn’t clearly stated in the analysis I’ve read, which has lead me to believe it is worth asking more questions.


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